You Can Actually Walk The Great Wall Of China Instead Of Simply Seeing It In Pictures!

This is a 17 day trip includes 11 day on the Yangtze River. Fly into Beijing where history dates from 400 BC, visit the Forbidden City with 8,600 room waiting for the adventurous explorer you may not get to see them all only due to time constraints, but rest assured they are all there.

Viking arranges a visit to a local home where your host prepares tea so you may sample the local culture. Next move beyond the city to experience the Great Wall of China once spanned more than 5000 miles; once considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

From Beijing you’ll fly to Xian to see the army of 8000 terracotta figures from the year 210 BC that the Emperor assembled and only unearthed over forty years ago. A spectacular site of historical significance!


Beijing to ShanghaI

On to Chongqing to the third largest river in the world the Yangzi River where you’ll board your cruise ship for an exceptional trip through the Three Gorges.

Later from your ship you will board a smaller ship to visit the Lesser Three Gorges for a history lesson from time lost in antiquity.

Visit a shrine in Shibaozhai then travel further down the Yangzi River to come to one of the construction wonders of the world at the Three Gorges Dam where a day trip of the Dam itself is a must.

Meandering down the Yangzi river is filled with sites of high cliffs beautiful lush green foliage temples, burial caves and even some unusual wild life among many photographic opportunities.


See A Culture So Ancient And Unique That Pictures Can’t Tell The Story

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