INSPIRING TRAVEL STORY: A man who travelled the world on a bicycle

My name is Francisco, Francisco Alvarez I come actually from Belgium but I lived here in Australia for the last 35 years and I never went back to Belgium and I have no intention on going back there It’s too cold, far too cold. I love the sun! I travel on bicycle most of the time Why bicycle, because it’s, for me it’s, it’s a way it’s a completely different way to see things and to feel things and to experience things Okay, people want to travel with cars and caravans That’s fine, you know but I think they miss so much! When you take your time and take everything in you know. Everything responses to you, all your five senses and that’s for me very important when I travel When I was nine or ten when I left the orphanage I was on a bicycle Everywhere, everywhere, all of our friends everyone was on a bicycle And I remember the first time I did a long trip I was with my brother We didn’t even say anything to our father I was fourteen I think and we went on our bike on a Easter holiday for two weeks.

We just disappeared That was so hard for me So hard. Every hill, I said no, no, I don’t want to go up there, I don’t want to go And then to go downhill I was so scared. I used to break all the time For some reason, when I’m on my bike I don’t want to boost myself, but I really I’m not scared I’m not scared about cars or trucks or… All my travel is going to be on a bicycle If you want you can!.

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