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Adventure Machu Picchu

So do you think people will be able to guess where we are based on the landscape? I’m not too sure. It’s quite foggy right now. Where could we be? What could be off in the distance? Good question. Should we tell? Yes. It is Machu Picchu. Machu Picchu. That is Machu Picchu guys. Breathtaking is it not? This is a baby llama having breakfast. Breakfast time. Can you give us an update on the current situation? So the current situation is that it has stopped raining. Yes. And it is starting to clear a bit. We’re hopeful. Right now it is eight thirty-six, and we’re hopeful that maybe around ten or eleven if it doesn’t rain again, that we’ll have some sunshine. Clear visibility of Machu Picchu. Get those iconic views. Yeah. We know that the Quechua people were able to mummify people. But they used to mummify some important people from their culture. So they used to mummify to the royal family, they used to mummify to some people who were part of the high-class people.

So then they’d take the bodies. The mummies into the cave and they’d put them you know in the fetal position because they used to believe that they could enter into a different life after this life. Rocking the new hats. The chaos. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So the soldiers possibly used this to place the torch. The fire. Okay. But also they could maybe place here a pet which was maybe a llama or this was maybe an alpaca that they would use to sacrifice in one of the temples. So here we’re checking out an Inca toilet. Is it an en-suite? I’d say so. What are we doing Audrey? Getting our Machu Picchu stamp. So this one is yours. Ready. Tada. Welcome to my home. This is the living area. It still needs to be furnished. And this over here is going to be a little reading nook and I’ve put my books there, there and there.

Alright, so we found a nice quiet spot here and I want to know your impressions of coming back to Machu Picchu for the second time? Coming back a second time. Honestly, it is still amazing. It is still impressed me. It still has that ‘wow factor’ like six or seven years later. I think it is just one of those sites that is I don’t know, so special, and also it always looks different because the weather here changes so dramatically and it changes so quickly. So like when we first got here in the morning it was super cold and foggy and we couldn’t even see Machu Picchu but now it is like the sun is starting to come out and the sky is starting to clear so it is really cool just hanging out here for a few hours and seeing how it all changes. So yeah, I’m glad I came back. Okay, so Sam, you visited Machu Picchu about six years ago, how has does this trip compared to that one? This is like night and day.

Six years ago I was the ultimate cheapskate backpacker. I came to Machu Picchu using the cheapest transportation route possible. Basically, I took this van on this really twisty serpentine off-road area and then I went across on this cable car using this wooden trolley. It was really dangerous. And then eventually we did a bit of walking and took a train to get here. And I was so cheap at the time that they have these little buses that ply up and down to get up to Machu Picchu. And I was so cheap that I ended up walking up and down that big hill and it was like exhausting.

By the time we actually got to Machu Picchu I was already tired. Yeah, because that is a 25-minute bus ride. So you were walking that would be a couple of hours. And it is like up like that so yeah a completely different experience this time around. It was nice to do it using the actual Inca Trail, staying at a little bit of a nicer accommodation and coming to see Machu Picchu with a guide this time around. Okay, so now next question. I know people always see Machu Picchu in documentaries, postcards, magazines. Do you think it is important for people to see it in person? Yeah, absolutely. It’s actually one of these wonders of the world that actually lives up to its reputation. And what I really think, what I really get out of coming to Machu Picchu is just a sense of the sheer scale of the place. Like it is massive. When you come here and walk around you get a really good sense of just how big this lost city of the Inca’s is.

Woohoo! Go Machu Picchu!.

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