MSC Divina Connie Wallace BDM Seminar for Agents

MSC Divina Connie Wallace BDM Seminar for Agents

Our Business Development Manager, Connie Wallace, with MSC, conducted a Seminar on board the beautiful MSC Divina last week.    Her responsibility for the agents’ she manages, brought to the Seminar, current and future valuable information about the future of MSC’s commitment to the U.S. market.    While this was a Seminar presentation, it also was an opportunity for agents to familiarize and make use of the time to become acquainted with the beauty of the ship and excellence of services provided.

Critics, by the word itself, are required to find a fault, even if it is unjust but this agent found nothing but excellence in every aspect.   From service of the staff and officers to the spotless, polished, condition of the ship both inside and out.      The Cuisine was to ensure everyone gained weight for the inability to resist the tempting excellence of preparation and presentation.   What was wrong on this ship?  Nothing, after all, it is an Italian owned Cruise Line.   If anyone wanted oriental food or atmosphere, J R World Travel has the ability to recommend a list of destinations, but we enjoy the convenience of having a little bit of Italy, right here in our Florida Port for the last three years, plus.

We look forward to the arrival of the new MSC Seaside as the first MSC ship, to have a U.S. Name, Sailing our waters.    If anyone doubted that MSC would be a hit, be assured MSC is committed to showing everyone that Style counts and they are here to stay.

So don’t wait and miss out on your first cruise with MSC, because it won’t be your last with MSC.     Phone 844 249 0190

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