Rocky Mountaineer – Life Changing Train for Heroes 2016

The Rocy Mountaineer Train

Fire is now cresting the trees, we’re going to have be leaving here very, very soon. See, how close this is to all the vehicles that are trying to flee the area. We’ve been watching helicopters, emergency personnel. All of them flying through here trying to deal with the fires, that have now got within metres of Highway 63. We havn’t got any confirmed reports of… [voice fades] There’s poeple driving on the sidewalks. People driving in the opposing lane to us. We kept the resturant open as late as we could and certainly accommodated the last minute needs of what people started to see unfolding as a crisis. “(Music)”: (dramatic pause) “(Music)”: ♪Birds Chirping♪ “(Music)”: ♪inspirational upbeat guitar♪ “(Music)”: ♪angelic choir♪ Rocky Mountaineer’s Train for Heroes is a program we started four years ago to recognise the unsung heroes and good samaritans around us “(Music)”: ♪rapid percussion beats♪ “(Music)”: ♪angelic choir♪ The idea behind the trip is to bring them into our world and treat them to an incredible journey through the Rockies and Western Canada “(Music)”: ♪angelic choir♪ It’s been quite a blessing to just be able to relax with my family.

We were seperated because of the fire when my husband and kids evacuated and while I stayed back for the fire. Well, there was no hesitation on my part because that’s my community, I’ve been there 60 years Third generation pharmacist So it was just critical to be part of that. We didn’t say ok we’re going to start saving these animals It was just the right thing to do and it evolved and snowballed We’re a community of people who live together and take care of each other. Ensuring that when our community returned home they would have the resources necessary to take care of the small things in life. “(Music)”: ♪inspirational upbeat song♪ My whole life this train has driven past my cabin and every summer I’ve watched this train drive past and I’ve always said I just want to go on this train. It’s fulfilled a lifelong dream. “(Music)”: ♪endearing string solo♪ “(Music)”: ♪endearing string solo♪ “(Music)”:Fades.

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