Let’s talk about solo travel, and I know, I know… “scary” “oh my goodness,” “so many things can happen”. I understand, but the underlying fact of the matter is- solo travel has been done before, it’s being done right now, and it’s going to continue to be done. And that ranges anywhere from going somewhere close to home to a foreign country. You know, it is not unheard of for a young female or male traveler to go by their self to a foreign country and then come back to their home in one piece without having had any problems. That being said, there’s definitely some, you know, preparation, some safety precautions, and a lot of education that go into making that a successful endeavor.

However, it is possible. I just kind of want to talk about like, I guess kind of like solo travel versus group travel. Just thinking about taking a trip in general, I kind of have a list of things that go through my head that I really sit down and consider before inviting someone to come with me or saying yes when someone asks me.

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So this is kind of what that is. I’m just going to walk you guys through like my mental checklist of the things that I really like to think about before I decide that I want to spend on allotted amount of time really close to another human. All right so first and foremost as always is going to be Safety. So whether you’re traveling by yourself or in a group you really should have a basic understanding of like how to defend yourself and be at least, like at the very least, fairly confident in those skills.

But this is something that I like to think about obviously when I’m going to go anywhere. Like how well do I really know the area? how comfortable do I feel going to this area if I go by myself? would it make a world of a difference if I have one person with me two people with me? like what’s the deal with that? People are less likely to kind of mess with you and try and take advantage of you in new places if you’re in a group. And I mean, that’s what it really comes down to- is the fact that there is safety in numbers, but if you go by yourself like it’s not the worst thing in the world and that doesn’t mean it’s not safe like you can still go by yourself and it’ll be safe. It really does just come down to like a personal preference kind of thing. So the second thing is going to be the scary or loneliness factor. So it is- you know when you go to a new place and you don’t know anything about it it is scary.

There’s so many things that you’re going to have to figure out like where stuff is located, how you’re going to get from point A to point B. In my personal opinion, I find it easier to do when there is another person around just because I’m not- I don’t know- it’s just I feel more secure I suppose. So I want to say it’s not not necessarily like as difficult because you’re still doing the same things, but it just doesn’t feel same. It’s more of a psychological thing. But it really is like you’ve probably already acquired the skill set that you need in order to travel by yourself just by living your life. Like you know how to make phone calls, you know how to talk to people, you know how to Google things, you know how to book a hotel, you know how to call an uber…

Like I mean I’m assuming, if you don’t know how to do all that then maybe solo travel might might not be the best thing for you until you can figure out kind of- all it is is problem solving. JR World Travel has personal Travel Consultants that are here to help you with any problem!

And then as far as like the loneliness aspect, I know a lot of people are like “oh my gosh what would I do all by myself?” like you have to become your own friend, you know, there’s a lot of time in here. Some people like to travel by themselves for that specific reason. JR World Travel offers group travel where you are like family and never alone!

And the thing is too is like you’re not actually alone. Like you’re by yourself, you don’t know anyone, but there are people everywhere that you look. And you can also intentionally seek people out. Like you can join group hikes, you know, you can get like the meetup app or something. There’s so many different things you can do to travel by yourself, but still be in a group. So that’s a really good way to kind of like ease into it. So it’s like, yes it is scary, but honestly even when I travel with other people I’m still a little bit scared. Like I think it’s a healthy fear it’s not like I’m going to let it overcome me and consume me and I’m going to freak out, but it definitely keeps me on my toes and keeps me really aware of my situation and so I think that’s a good thing, but so regardless whatever kind of travel it is I think it’s going to be at least a little bit scary.

The third thing is going to be your schedule or itinerary. Now I kid you not, this is hands down the reason that I took my first solo trip like ever in the first place. I didn’t go to so many things or go to so many places for so long just because I didn’t want to go alone. I was scared and I didn’t know what to expect and I didn’t think that it would be fun by myself. I thought that I needed somebody else, until one day I just got so fed up with like waiting on other people. And it was nobody’s fault, you know, but my own. Like I had to be accountable for that and so I got so mad at myself that I was like “you what? I’m just going to go” and then I kinda started to see like why people do it.

They’re gonna want to do things that you might not want to do or they’re gonna not want to do things that you want to do. So it is really nice to be able to just do whatever you want whenever you wanna do it. You don’t gotta wake up at a certain time, you don’t gotta go to bed at a certain time. Like you can just- you can just do- literally do whatever you want and that is I think the best part of solo travel. Alright number four is kind of ridiculous, but I mean it’s just world we live in. So pictures and videos. So they’re not super important, you can take pictures yourself, you can take videos yourself, or you can ask people… random hikers or passerby or tourist whatever and there’s usually more than happy to oblige. But it is like a little more accessible to get the shots that you want when you have somebody that you can kind of be like “naw man, do that again” you know what I’m saying, like when it’s a stranger you kind of just have to take what- whatever their first try is & you’re usually like “okay like thank you” but you’re like “man, not what I wanted”.

Again not like a huge weighing factor in should you travel by yourself or should you go with people or a group, but that’s just something to consider. Numero Cinco… the cost. So obviously when you travel with other people it’s going to be a little bit less expensive because you’re splitting the cost. So really it’s just like budgeting like what are you trying to do? where are you trying to go? how much is it going to cost? and can you easily like afford that by yourself or would it be way better, more efficient, with like another person helping you out. This next thing for me is just to think about why I’m going on this specific trip. And I know, that’s getting a little deep, but it is what it is… you kind of have to think about it.

Like what are you expecting? Are you trying to go somewhere to kind of clear your mind and do a little like like more of a mental cleanse type of little vacation or whatever, because with that, I mean personally I would probably want to just be by myself because I don’t want to bring somebody along and then I’m just going to want to like be by myself the whole time. Like that’s rude, that’s really rude. But if the purpose of this trip is just for fun like to go sightseeing or just to have a good time you know then I’m more likely to bring somebody. But really just take a second, be like “yo, why am I doing this? is it for me? is it for fun? what is it for? and how would it- how would that, whatever you want out of this, how would that affect the other person?” After thinking about everything, one through six on this list, the last thing I kind of do is just remind myself not to overthink it.

And again, I totally acknowledge that traveling by yourself can be a little bit scary especially in the beginning, but the thing is like- I think a lot of people see solo travel as like a person backpacking through Europe by themselves, like yes that’s 100% solo travel you know what I’m saying, but that’s like- they probably took some steps to get to that place. Like you don’t have to start big.

Like you can, you told can if you feel confident in that. But I mean the way I started, I would go on like a road trip that was like three- something that was three hours away, I would spend the day there, and then I would come back. All in one day. You know what I’m saying so I started really small. I would take day trips, and then I started to take weekend trips, and then I started to take week-long trips, and then I started you know- then it branched out from there. So that’s it for this list and don’t forget there still is a lot more to solo travel as far as how to plan your trip, how to budget for your trip, how to make accommodation, how to choose where you’re going to go, like there’s so many aspects of it, but this was particularly- particularly just what goes through my mind when I’m deciding kind of like solo travel versus group travel.

And I hope that can kind of give you some insight into how I plan things and maybe help you on how you should plan things. Just think things through a little bit and I’ll see you guys next time.

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