Solo travel tips. Of course there’s going to be times when you feel like loneliness on the road is unavoidable. It can be for a variety of reasons- You feel isolated from social activity, you dip into self pity Or you just don’t feel like making an effort to make friends. Remember, as long as there are people around you, loneliness is a choice. There are always opportunities to make friends. I’m to share tips with you on How to Make Friends on the Road [1. Avoid the hotels] Avoid hotels and opt for hostels. Hotels tend to attraction 3 types of people: 1. business travelers, 2. couples who are there to be romantic, 3. families, who already have their itineraries. You might feel isolated from social activity, because there ain’t much social activity going on. I know some friends who will go to hotel bars and strike up conversations. Whether or not you’ll find companions to do things with, that’s another story. Like I said, hotels tend to be isolating. Hostels are very social, social places.

The travelers that go there want to meet and mingle with other travelers. That’s the whole idea of a hostel. People there also tend to be on a budget. They want to meet to exchange stories, exchange ideas and tips. [#2 Look for solo travelers] Look for other solo travelers. The backpacker route can feel different from the tourist route. You’ll notice a lot more solo travelers there. It’s easier to meet people. Whenever I’m looking for someone to do things with or eat with, I always look for the solo traveler. Solo travelers are a lot more approachable because they’re by themselves. Although I feel comfortable approaching a group or couple, the solo traveler is the easiest person to approach. [#3. Smile and ask questions] Smile and ask questions. Personally, it’s easier for me to ask questions. Questions are practical, informational and useful to me as a traveler. They’re also great icebreakers and non-threatening ways to open a conversation. If I overhear someone, I’ll start asking them questions because I want to know these things.

What’s also great about asking questions is that sometimes it leads into invitations to do things or for others to invite you. When you discuss what you’re interested in, people around you take notice of that and start assessing what they want to do. 4. Group Tours Not necessarily are you going to meet people to do things with, but you will meet other travelers to converse with. Hopefully this was helpful for you. Travel safe, smart and fun..

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