This is the Other Reason you want to go New Zealand (Enjoy)

This is the Other Reason to go to New Zealand

If you think you need more reasons to see New Zealand then this is my second attempt to demonstrate that for the Adventurous Traveler there is no better place to feel young and alive.

If you’re not up for all the Adventure then someone you know just might be.   You will enjoy seeing them go through all the Adrenalin powered action that this wonderful country has to offer.   Besides the fact that you will be in some of the most beautiful scenic places around the South Island.

Should you have any questions about anything in New Zealand, then just call and ask for Jackie, who is a New Zealander, and who can answer your questions, at no charge, to ensure you have the Experience of a Life Time.

Now to reach Jackie just dial the following phone number  844-249-0190 at J R World Travel  LLC or email her at

In the meantime, J R just relax, Jackie will handle everything.

J R World Travel LLC,

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