We lost our passport… and wallet

We lost our passport…

[Narrator] Olympic gold medalist, silver medalist, Dancing with the Stars champion, – [Announcer] Shawn Johnson. – Craziest day ever. What? – Super crazy. – It was wild. It wasn’t a lot of fun, I’ll tell you that much. Did you put pajamas on? – I did, I (mumbling) – What? – Ready to be home. – So let’s recap the events. You wanna do it? – We’re trapped at Punta Cana Airport without our passport.

Without our passport.” (laughing) – Okay, tell them what’s up. – How’s it going, guys. We’re flying out of Punta Cana. – And? Before we do the negative stuff, let’s talk about how incredible you look. – Thanks. We showed up and we lost our passports. Passports. Both. After I had them in the casino. – So now we’re at the Punta Cana Airport. As you can see. – And I’m talking with the contact with the US Consulate or Embassy. – So I’m not sure we’re gonna be able to actually get out of the country. But we’re calling our friends that are still at the hotel. – Calling our friends at the hotel. – Okay, go, go. So we’re at the airport. – Keep going, we can use all of this. You are such a dork. Went through all of our bags. Went through all of our bags. And we called everyone at the hotel and everyone went on a wild goose chase for our passports and we didn’t find them in the bottoms of our bags. – My bag. That I thought I checked but I’m not that good of a checker.

– They’re gonna love you. So we gotta do that. – Well, and we also forgot our boarding passes at the counter. Remember that part? – Yeah. Checked in, got on our plane, I passed out for like three hours. (pop music) – [Andrew] Stop. What? You lil punk. Get it, get it, get it, get it, get it, get it, get it, get it. Smash ’em. What? What is going on? – I really like to smash candy bars and cookies when I’m in restaurants.

– [Andrew] Let’s see. That’s like vandalism, isn’t it? – Meant to enjoy. – [Andrew] You do it to cookies? – I always, yeah. If you see cookies at the checkout that are packaged. – [Andrew] You smash them? – Yeah. – [Andrew] It’s like you’re ruining, – I have to know how soft they are. – [Andrew] So you just smash it. Just give it a nice little touch. – I love to smash it. It’s only because I have to know how soft they are. If it’s really soft, it’s like, good job.

It’s hard, I’m disappointed, it’s a rip off and it deserved to be smashed. – [Andre] Wow, interesting philosophy on life. – I passed out for three hours, we get off the plane in Atlanta, get through the jet bridge, out of the gate, and I don’t have my wallet. So I rush back down, had to wait for everyone, I had to wait for everyone to get off the plane so I could get back on the plane and search, didn’t find it, started panicking, convinced I’ve lost my wallet, which has everything. My insurance cards, credit cards, everything. – Okay, so Shawn just forgot her wallet on the plane, too. Forgot her wallet so we can’t get through customs without it.

It’s been a rough travel between losing our passports and forgetting the wallet. Anyway, I really hope she finds it ’cause that would be a real big bummer if she left it in Punta Cana. That’s the last thing we need right now. She’s already stressed with this travel but hope she finds it. You don’t have your wallet? What? You kidding me? How we doing today? – We started out in the Punta Cana Airport without our passports only to then find them in our bag. – We had ’em. – We then Atlanta, back in the USA, without my wallet. – Which we actually don’t have. We actually don’t have her wallet. – Credit cards, insurance cards, everything. – Fortunately, when we found our passports, that means we didn’t lose our passports with the rest of our important stuff. – We lost– – [Man] Hello, welcome to America. – [Andrew] How you doing? – Thank you. – Where you guys coming from? – [Andrew] Punta Cana. – Then we get into customs, get through customs, where you have to like– – So we thought we had lost the wallet at this point.

But we still had our passports, which was good. – But we got through customs where you have to pick up your bags and recheck them if you have a connecting flight. Well, in Punta Cana, they checked our bags incorrectly. So me made it through, met up with my parents, only to find my wallet in the bottom of someone’s bag. – Because we had a Tile in it, you guys know those little tracker things that you can have on your phone? – Andrew gets on the app and he’s like, “It says we have a Tile with us but I don’t have “a Tile on anything else but your wallet.” – So then we look in my bag that also concealed the passports from us and we didn’t think we had the passports in and it was right there in the bag. Again, I’m not that good of a finder, I guess. So, oh, and then I missed my flight, my first flight to Indie. – Which is good, ’cause I wanted him to be on the later one anyways so he can hang out with me. But I’m trying to get him to go to Raleigh with me but he won’t.

– I don’t think that makes sense. – I just told him I’m ready to be home. I’m tired. – Which makes sense. – It makes sense that even if I can’t go home home yet, that my husband should travel with me. – Well, we’ll figure that out. – And then we ate our sorrows away with Pinkberry. – Which we still have. – We got coconut, guys, it was amazing. – Yeah, so needless to say, stress level was high all day. – I started crying. – Yeah. – I really need to pray at some point. – That’s true. But we still have all of our belongings with us. Amazingly. (laughing) Amazingly. And we’re off to our destinations. – Destination. (laughing) I love you. Peace out. – Like. – Comment. – Subscribe. See you guys. Bye. – Bye. I love you, baby. – [Andrew] Love you, too. Bye. Good job getting through the day. – You too.

Couldn’ta done it without you. – [Andrew] I know. – You’re going this way. – [Andrew] I am? – Yeah. – [Andrew] Look at me, I can’t do it without you, obviously. Peace. (electronic music).

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