Why Go To New Zealand (This Is Why)

The Reason to go to New Zealand
This Video will explain some of the reasons but the People of New Zealand are what makes it all Happen.

When planning a trip to New Zealand always remember that Summer in the Northern Hemisphere is Winter in the Southern Hemisphere, so depending upon on your seasonal preferences like mine, Christmas and New Years is a beautiful Summer in the South Island.

Pay close attention to the night sky, while in the southern hemisphere, you will never see the Milky Way in better presentation than sitting in front of a campfire, while the earth turns and the show keeps changing.   Don’t be surprised to discover you have been enjoying the view for so long that the Sun Rises and a new day begins.   Everyone should do this at least once in their life but it can become addictive as I can speak from experience.   It is one way to see how small we really are!

When you are ready to see this magnificent country of New Zealand be sure to call J R World Travel

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