Your Licensed professional travel consultant

Your Licensed professional travel consultant. J R World Travel LLC.
you need a licensed professional travel consultant not a computer. you’re licensed professional travel consultant can get you more for your time and more for your money. Value for your money, and experience not marketing salesmanship. When you’re sick. You call the doctor when you need legal advice you call an attorney. So the next time you want to go on any type of travel call you’re licensed professional travel consultant who actually represents you. We specialize in good travel, Family reunions weddings to escorting large groups or making special arrangements for the disabled!

Please Call 8 4 4 -2 4 9 0- 1 9 0  We are a full service travel consultancy offering worldwide concierge service. Air land and sea, Cruises and Rivers resorts locally nationally and internationally. JR World Travel at

Remember that number 8 4 4- 2 4 9 -0 1 9 0

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