You Will Learn Why Paris Is The City Of Romance and Love!

France’s Finest 12 day cruise combining two France cruises in one great vacation. This begins From Paris to Conflans, then Givetny, on to Vernon, next Les Andelys, lastly Rouen and back to Paris all on the Seine River Cruise. There are many stories about the French that my experience tells me are caused by tourists who fail to understand they are guests in someone else’s country.

No matter where one goes in the world there are people who just have no manners. I have found that the first requirement while in someone else’s country is to learn to say, Please and Thank you in their language. Secondly, always smile and be polite. Jackie and I have traveled the world and things like what not to say or do like gestures of insults that may not be such to us but inflammatory to your hosts should always be avoided. Learning the local customs in some countries could save your life but more importantly make your visit much more pleasant and fun. Everyone likes to laugh and humor makes for friends when done correctly.

I have never found any rude French nor have they ever been rude about my use of French words when being polite. I have always had a great time in France and you should too, so set aside any rumors you may have heard and see for yourself the beauty of France. Also remember the French Gift in New York Harbor that reminds every one of our freedom. There is a small replica in Paris on the Seine’s River don’t forget to look for it.

The Second part of your trip starts by departing Paris by motor coach with a stop in Dijon before arriving in Chalon where you first visit Beaune after boarding your Ship to continue your voyage to Lyon, Vienne, Tournon, Viviers, Arles, and ending in Avignon France, the south of France near the Mediterranean.

While in Beaune France you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy a wine tasting in this beautiful town with much to see including a gothic hotel named Hue that was opened as a Hospital for the poor in 1443. At Lyon the historical and architectural landmarks have been designated UNESCO World Heritage landmarks. In Vienne and Tournon you will see roman ruins. Near Avignon you will discover the vineyards that were cultivated by the popes of nearby Avignon . You’ll visit the once home of 7 popes of medieval gothic structure.

From northern France of Normandy to southern France, this cruise combines the best that France has to offer and if you have never been to France it is time you discovered the magnificent beauty of the countryside with interesting history and friendly people to share a glass of vino with. So let’s get started time is wasting, call us now so we can get the best accommodations for your wonderful experience.


See A Culture So Ancient And Unique That Pictures Can’t Tell The Story

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