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Viking River Cruises

J R World Travel LLC. Is Licensed under Anywhere Inc as a Travel Agent. We offer River and Ocean Cruises through Viking River Cruises.

What makes the difference is we know that by recommending the best all round River Cruise, reflects favorably on the industry, as well as assures our client their experience is more than anything they could have expected.  Yes, a Five Star Experience!   This requires ongoing education on our part to assure we remain currant to answer your questions.

We are privileged to be able to be a part of the family of Viking.  Knowing that every detail from the beginning of promoting all that Viking offers in the way of world-renowned River Cruise Destinations, to the Total Experience of an Inclusive package of Service and Activities that will ensure your return for the next Destination.

Viking River Cruises is the world leader in providing the very best experience for your dollar spent with unexpected value. While there are others that strive to compete and are worthy, it is our experience of hearing a response of “It just wasn’t Like Viking” and the reason is usually stated, it just didn’t feel like Family.   Viking is family and so is every Crew Member from Chef to Cabin Attendant, Coach Driver, and Tour Guide, so is it any wonder that the Guests would feel any different?   No!

So now you understand why a Co-Branded Agency such as J R World Travel LLC. Feels the same, when privileged to have you share the Experience of family hospitality, luxury, and destinations of exceptional beauty, history, and culture with Viking River Cruises.   Everyone wins with Viking River Cruises from beginning to the end but the end is only the beginning of the next adventure with Viking.

What more is needed to be said, except welcome aboard your home away from home, Viking River Cruise!   Call us with any questions and always remember to start your planning early for best results.

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Viking Ocean Cruises

Now we would be amiss for not mentioning that Viking now has some new Boutique Cruise Ships for extending their reach beyond the Rivers with the same excellence of service, destinations, and Experience.   In keeping with the personal excellence for what Viking River Cruises have established, you can now find that Viking Sea Cruise are no different, from the style and atmosphere of the ship so familiar to the family of river cruisers, to the Service and Experience with even more destinations.

Cruising the Mediterranean or perhaps the Baltic and Northern Europe, Viking Ocean Cruises continue to expand the opportunities for Experiencing Life with the Family of Viking.  Whether Staff or Guest you can expect nothing better than the very best for your dollar spent. New opportunities for longer stays at your port of calls, provides much more emersion time to find the real Experience, for the majesty of the destinations involved. From Copenhagen, Stockholm, Istanbul, Venice, Barcelona, Bergen, Dubrovnik, or Montserrat among many others, you will find that Viking Ocean Cruises have prepared an unimaginable experience to keep you coming back year after year.

So when you have completed all the Viking River Cruises, remember that the Viking Family has even more to bring you home for. With Viking Ocean Cruises, you have more emersion time to find the very best experience for life and still leave you saying that you received more value for your dollar spent than anywhere else. Voted the number 1 Best Ocean Cruise in the world!

Your Armagnac Brandy toast is waiting your arrival on board the Viking Star, so we’ll see you there soon, to welcome you aboard, not to forget the Viking Sea, Viking Sky Viking Sun and Viking Spirit.

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