You Can See Life the Way the Locals Live

Amsterdam to Budapest

Vikings, Grand European Tour takes you from Amsterdam to Budapest by way of the Rhine River on to the Main River and then finishing with the Danube River.

A 15 day Cruise that starts in Amsterdam, Netherlands winding the way through Germany to Austria passing Slovakia and finally coming to Budapest, Hungary. Little known to most of the outside world is the Budapest is not one city but two.

On one side of the river is Buda and the other side of the river is the city of Pest but to everyone else just known as Budapest.

For anyone who may have just discovered something new I would remind all, that travel is why we explore to experience new cultures for the benefit of learning as well as sharing our experiences with others.

Nowhere is this better understood that at Viking River Cruises as every cruise is filled with the opportunity for experiencing new and diverse cultures.

A Gothic Cathedral to sampling Wine or Glass Blowing and on to a Museum even stroll the gardens in Vienna and have a picture by the statue of Strauss, no matter the venue there is always something for everybody even if it is just shopping in a local town. The local pastries and Coffee shops offer a respite from a weary shopper too.

Travel is for the adventurous of heart and Spirit so looks up your bucket list and don’t wait till it’s too late to do anything about it, just make your decision on what trip looks most interesting to you and make the decision today.

Viking River Cruises have much to choose from so if there is something else that you find more appealing, then let us know. The Viking Staff are waiting to make your trip a memorable experience for the explorer spirit that their, family of guests require. Welcome aboard!



See A Culture So Ancient And Unique That Pictures Can’t Tell The Story

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