New Zealand Hiking with the Hobbit

New Zealand Hiking with the Hobbit

Sometimes the best way to see the majestic beauty of our planet is to not only to do it personally but intimately, by embracing the landscapes.    Becoming one with nature when walking, allows the detail to become part of the experience.   Feeling the air in your face, the earth beneath your feet, and the eyes to consume the value of being alive.

While Hiking has its ups and its downs for the physical energy required, to find the solace of a view found, it is the experience that feeds the memory bank, that remains personal to reminisce in years to come.

The physical challenge is what fuels the sole to overcome the obstacles, in order to enjoy natures Architecture and the beauty of New Zealand is like no other.

When your soul cries out for adventure and personal experience, you will never be disappointed for the variety of walking trails available in New Zealand and the South Island is my first choice.

For more information and Travel arrangements for Hiking with the Hobbit call J R World Travel at 844-249-0190 this video is just a tease for what is available.

Remember 844-249-0190 and

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