Lonely Planet: Working Holiday at Glen Helen Gorge, Central Australia

Australia Bush Resort

[Music playing] Hi, I’m Vincent, coming from Belgium. Spending some time in the Northern Territory. [Music playing] So we’re at Glen Helen Gorge here in West MacDonnell Range. It’s under Namatjira Drive. It’s 135K from Alice Springs. And this is not that big, about 25 000 live there. And beside that the closest big city’s at least a thousand K away. Yeah, pretty remote. [Music playing] Before I started travelling, I spent 3 years in Brussels. It’s a big city with a lot of people and a lot of cars. Never very quiet. Yeah pretty much the opposite as here. [Music playing] Hello, how are you? —Two bacons, thanks.

Yeah. So this is the bar at Glen Helen Resort. —Seven sixty, please. Sold the drinks and some food, yeah. I started there as a waiter. I did some yard works, some bar work. If you like to be a part of a big team which keeps the place running, which we we’re into. And meet people from all kinds of different backgrounds. This is Bonnie, doing housekeeping, from Korea. She’s been with us since two or three weeks now. We wanna go all the way down to the gorge. [Music playing] Thing is, big difference if you stay in the place for 2 days, 2 weeks or 2 months. Gonna discover all the spots that you don’t ever get to see if you stay here for only a short period of time.

Just like here we might not stop in all areas in the gorge. It’s a shame because it’s so nice. [Music playing] The first time I arrived here I was more expecting it a desert. But when we had a closer look around, there’s much more life than what you would expect. And there are two wallabies. You can see that one is behind the grass and the other one is right there. Did you see her? It’s the first time that I’ve seen a wallaby with a baby in the pocket. Yeah, the face and they’re moving. They’re really lovely. Hi, my name is Angela and I’m from Germany.

I’ve been nearly two months here in Australia. And I’ve been here for a couple of weeks in Glen Helen for work. Having our employees, these backpackers are the most successful thing for our resort. Giving them a real feeling for the heart of Australia. Instead of being just in the city, where cities are the same everywhere to some extent. And there’s no way like Central Australia to work.

And yeah I’m lucky enough to join. There’s always been kind of good stuff you can get for free when you work over here. So that’s always good. I was strapped up. They run ’cause there are no doors. [Music playing] When you walk around for a longer time the landscape changes all along. You can go from hills to a flat place, to a bed of a river where it’s gonna be much greener. We are always on the top of the lookout. Yeah then I remember that I’m in the middle of the Outback. [Music playing] Especially when you camp out, you’re away for like 24 hours. Make a fire and cook your meal and just relax. Under the night, check the stars and chat. And the stars are amazing. The sky is beautiful around here at night. And wake up when the sun rises. It’s always beautiful. [Music playing] Have a look at Mount Sonder, the range, the pink river. I’ll definitely remember it and it is for sure.


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