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Big Five is very pleased to be celebrating its 41st year in business. We started in 1973 in Kenya. My father actually started the company along with my mother later on. And really one of the things that, really, we are very proud of is the fact that 41 years later, we are still a family one organization. So what makes Big Five different can be summed up in 5 key statements. The first is our commitment to sustainability.

If you click on the “40 Ways” page on this site or if you’re actually viewing this on a tablet it’s BigFive.com/40ways you’ll be able to actually see what our magic definition of sustainable tourism is. We didn’t just go in the middle. We actually picked a way and said, “This is who we are. We believe in sustainable travel. This is what we’re about. And we may not be for everybody, but we want to, we want you to know that we stand for something.” The other thing that really sets us apart is our commitment to custom-tailored journeys. We don’t do set departures and group tours and some custom-tailored, we have gone all in on the custom travel solutions. So everything that you do with Big Five is completely tailored from scratch, and the people that are designing this trip for you are among the best in the industry. We have several people on the travel and leisure “A list” that are ranked among the top specialists in the country.

We also are able to really tell you that 8 out of 10 times we’re able to actually give you information based on our personal experiences in different countries. The other thing that sets us apart is our commitment to white glove service. You know, it’s something that we patented, an ability to actually know what you want before you want it while you’re on tour. You have access to a full concierge while you’re traveling who is able to help you with everything from travel emergencies to something as simple as dinner reservations. Something else that also really sets us apart is the way we design our trips. When you’re talking to us, you’re talking to one person, a live person who actually knows what they’re doing. They’re not doing any auto attendants or auto menus, you’re dealing with one person who in some cases is actually from that region, who knows what they’re doing and is with you all the way from start to finish.

When you’re traveling with Big Five you realize why our mission statement is so important, why we don’t tell stories better, why we tell better stories..

If you want a White Glove Tour then give us a Call at 844-249-0190 and we will see to it.

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